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Advertising has proven to be the way to promote, expose and expand your business and clientele base. This is because good advertising is bound to catch the eye of an interested buyer or investor in one way or another. It moved from banners, billboards and posters to the internet. However, there is another method that is bound to get more businesses known and gaining their due profits and that is mobile advertising – sms mobile marketing.

This kind of advertising is a great avenue to let people know about your business because the message is short, 160 characters short to be exact, and it can be received at any time because almost every cell phone owner has their handset with them at all times. When using cellular marketing, you need to make a business and advertising plan in place just like any other business. You need to find out who to reach through this strategy, what you wish to yield from this and also how much you expect to put aside. You can use people that you already know like family and friends, but be sure to let them decide if they are interested using opt-in and opt-out options that let them join and exit your mailing list.

Once your mobile advertising campaign is in place, you can begin with SMS coupons. This means that people can get a ‘freebie’ from your business like a free meal at your restaurant or lower prices for a limited time at a store you run. The good thing with such is the fact that people will inform others about your offer and business and the new group will opt-in for your mobile messages, thus making your ad viral.

With cellular mobile advertising, you must do a lot more than send SMSs and expect clients to come knocking. You need to combine this with other avenues of communication. You can send physical coupons and newsletters that the clients can see that your business is not a scam. You can also send online newsletters as well as encourage them to join your network on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will ensure that your message is seen by way more than just your mailing list. Get offers from certain carriers who will send your messages and this connection to a large firm will have people interested in your firm. Mobile advertising may just be the best place to start when letting people know about your new or existing business.

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