www.jcpsurvey.com – JCPenney Survey and 15% coupon

www.jcpsurvey.com is the official address assigned to the JCPenney Survey Customers Feedback – JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey where you will be prompted to complete a short questionnaire about your latest visit to the popular American mid-range department store. Those online short surveys enable companies like JCP to improve the quality of their products and services. By giving them honest information on things you like or dislike about their companies, by that very fact you helping those businesses getting better and better in their own field of interest. Often companies who want to be sure that their customer satisfaction survey get the response they desire in term of quantity of total fulfillment, they offer incentive like coupons or discount and sometimes cash or sweepstakes. With JCPenney customer feedback survey website. You will get 15% coupon and discount with JCP survey for your next payment at JCPenney by completing and finishing their survey on the internet. Make sure you got your latest receipt to a recently visit to one of JCPenney store. You may find also JCPenney Coupons Survey via www.jcpsurvey.com or www.jcp.com/survey. Thanks


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  1. Excellent sales rep. except he gave me the wrong size sheets and I now have to return for correct ones. He was extremely pleasant so a little mistake dosen’t upset me.I would take the blame for getting it wrong except for the fact that I told him I was legally blind.

  2. Robin, the sales clerk was very nice abd helpful, she
    suggested I order a wooden blind for my bath but I wanted to try curtains, so today they are going back and I’m ordering the blinds, apparently she knows alot
    even without seeing the room just describing it to her. Keep the good and helpful personell.


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