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103 thoughts on “www.MyApplebeesVisit.com – $1,000 Prizes Applebee’s Guest Experience Survey

  1. I would like to comment on the excellent service from of waiter this afternoon. His name is Doug W and he works in Applebees in Courtenay, BC He was extremely courteous and always smiling

      • Both my wife and I had dinner on Monday evening. We enjoyed it so much that we returned the next day for luch. 918279 bROOKHURST sTREET, fOUNTAIN vALLEY) oUR SERVER FOR LUNCH WAS jAZMINE s. sHE WAS EFFICVIENT AND VERY ‘BUBBLY’ wE WILL SURELY COME AGAIN.

        • We LOVE Applebees! The food is always great and consistent. Service is wonderful. Everyone makes us feel like friends, not just customers. Toni is one of our favorites,

          • our bowling friends of tallahassee @1355 Apalachee Parkway loved your $1:oo bite desert. the bowling league ( the Capital City Drifters ) frequent your resturant because we enjoy good service and friendly waiters and waitresses. we will constinue to frequent your resturant because all the food we have experienced has always been great tasting and well prepared. WE LOVE APPLEBEES.

  2. Our experience at Appleby’s was enjoyable. The Server, Anita, was pleasant and helpful. My husband’s side dish was cold, but it was promptly replaced.

  3. My son took me to my favorite place to eat – APPLEBEES -yesterday to celebrate my birthday. I love especially the oriental salad. I find the staff friendly and most helpful. Irene

  4. Edwina works at the 1 West 125th St., NYC Applebees. She was so friendly and handles her duties with a smile and professionalism. She came over several times to make sure we were okay and enjoying our visit and the food was excellent! My friend Diane and I enjoyed the Mojitos also.

  5. I loved the 2 meals for 20$,i also felt welcome and very special especially my son like the waiter that served us his name was Erin P WORKS IN THE CAMARILLO APPLEBEE’S.I find him very friendly and helpful!!!!!!! =)-loved the food and the place.

  6. I frequently visit the Marietta Ohio Applebees. My server Tammy always takes such great care of me. I go there both for business and pleasure. Tammy is always on top of telling us the specials and is always very friendly. She, to me and my guests, is always friendly and courteous and is always on top of refilling our drinks and clearing the table yet never seems to be rushing us. When ever she is busy it never appears she is ever too busy for any of her tables taking the up most care for everyone. I have even seen her take care of tables that werent even hers just because she was passing them and they had empty drinks or empty plates. I choose to go there 1) because of the service I am always given especially by Tammy 2) because the food is always awesome and very affordable even for a family of 5!

  7. I was very impressed with the service. The bar tender Pola was always on her game. My glass would be empty she would always
    Ask if I wanted another. She was always smiling and kidding around witch I enjoyed the happy hour was great can’t beat that any where else. Will defitnitly came back. And also to see Pola.

  8. I took my grandaughter for the first time to Applebee’s as she is leaving to go away to teach. It was a lovely experience, (I have been there several times) she really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

  9. We were very impressed with Applebees in Mt. Sterling, Ky. and with our waiter ,whose name is John H. He was very courteous and was always asking if everything was ok, which it was. The service and all was great and we will go back.

  10. Well I came back and there she was Pola bar tending at the Mamaroneck applebee’ s she was just as good as the last time .
    She was on her game always there when I needed something the food was great the price was right. I will be back.

  11. My wife and I visited the Appleby’s restaurant in Paramus,N.J.. We enjoyed our meal and the service was excellent.We visit there regularly as the menu is great as is the way we are treated as valued guests.also kudo’s for Elizabeth T our server tonight she is an excellent server.

  12. Our dining experience at Applebee’s last night was superb. Our waitress, Jenna G., was so professional. The service was good and so was the food!

  13. We love our local applebees here in Seymour IN and esp waitresses Erica, Miranda and Rachel. We were in for supper on Sept. 02 and had a different waitress who was ok but when we complained that my husbands bourban street steak had no onions/mushrooms (he had ordered extra mushrooms) she brought us his extra side of mushrooms and never came back! he originally had only 2 mushrooms! not sure what was goin on in the kitchen that night….. the steak was also tiny andwe were not sure it was the normal cut used for a bourbon street. I had sliders and my bottom buns were terribly soggy -needless to say i didnt eat it. waitress came back when we were almost done. and by this time we were just over it! We will be back as we normally LOVE the food and service there.

  14. My mother and I stopped by Applebees restaurant in Harlingen,Texas…..we loved the orange chicken salad and the reapberry tea. The server, Carolina G, gave us great service and she was very friendly.

  15. really enjoy service at the muskegon applebees, jarod is a hoot! and knows his customers! i give him a thumbs up on his service and the food is great!!!

  16. William S. served us at the Green Rd, Ann Arbor store.He was very helpful,courteous and fun to deal with. He made our experience there quite enjoyable.

  17. My Wife Susan and I Had a Awesome meal in the Appleton WI. Eastside location Our server Rachel made the diference She was there and treatrd us like we owned the place.

  18. Went to Applebees on Sept 18,2011 with my hubby and mother in law. Service was awesome from BrookeW In Brandon, MB. Food is always consistent and portions are good. Brooke W. was a great server .

  19. I always enjoy eating at Applebys and this visit was no exception. My waiter Teajay was quick to get me my drink and take my order. My meal was at my table quickly and correct.

  20. We always go to Applebees in Windsor, Ca. We started going with our son (who always loved going there all the time). He passed away two years ago and now my husband and I go all the time. Not only because he passed away, but because we love the food and the good service. We have one waitress (Michelle) who is so nice and friendly. She seems to know what I always order (the oriental chicken salad and broccoli cheese soup). I will keep going there as long as I’m alive.

  21. Great food and Great service at the York Pa Applebees. I was out shopping with my daughter for her wedding and we really enjoyed the lunch. Keep up the good work.

  22. Had lunch in the Duluth Applebee’s, had the $20.00 meal for two. The meal was very good, but what made the experience even better was our bartender Mandy. Mandy made us feel very welcome and she was a great bartener. I would tell everyone who vists Duluth to stop in to Applebee’s and say hi to Mandy.

  23. Great food and great service i enjoyed to eat my grille sandwich everyday the best of all sandwich i ever taste thanks to Ruby and the cook keep up the good work. Juan Alfiler sept.22, 2011 4:30 pm

  24. just came back from applebee in manchester nj the food was great but most emporten our server JACKIE R was sweet and had a great smile.

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  26. I am so happy that my fiance chose to go to applebees,one of the places we went to was busy in latham, so we chose a different location.The one in glenmont was perfect.The food was spectacular, we order the 2 for $20 entree w/an appetizer.Delicious,great compliments to the chef,also to the waiters who checked on us frequently to see if we needed anything.it was wonderful.The sevice was prompt.My birthday is coming up and im expecting a baby soon..We will definetly return to applebees. Also there was two birthdays that they tended too..very nice! :0)

  27. My sister and I visited Applebees Friday Sept 23rd for lunch. It was very nice, not crowded and we had a delightful lunch. Everyone was nice and courteous and the food was delicious. We will be returning to Applebees in the future.


  28. Sept.25,2011 6:05….My hubby and I went to Applebees for dinner. Our waitress Jamie S , was a very courteous girl. Very helpful and patient. This was the one in Southampton, Penna. The food was very good as usual. We frequently go to that Applebees because the personel are very polite. I like the new look of the dining area too. Thank you Applebees.

  29. I had an enjoyable shrimp and spinach luncheon salad, with French onion soup. My waitress was Kristy whom I thought was very well mannered, pleasant, and had a warm smile. ( Pretty too!)

  30. A friend and I visited the College Park Applebee’s
    September 29, 20011. The food was good and our server, Brandon was excellent. He returned to the table several times to determine if we were pleased with our order and needed anything else. Thanks to Brandon’s pleasant demeanor and attentiveness, this was a very pleasant experience. I hope he is on duty during my next visit.

  31. Went to have 2 for 20.00 food was great been going to the same one for years will not go back to the one on 41st in Tulsa had to keep trying to fine my server spent his time out side . Had to ask some one eles to check me out . They found my server for me and he check me out.Food was great but the sevice was short

  32. I like going to Applebees, the food is great and there is a waitress, her name is Renee. She is always so nice, of course all of the staff is friendly and helpful. Renee always remembers me even if I haven’t been in for awhile.

  33. Richland, WA
    Darren was amazing…you can really tell when someone loves their job. In these tough times businesses need to amp up on customer service, it’s their only edge on competition. Our dining experience was awesome…the food was great, the service was great & and Darren was a delight (great sense of humor!). Thank you…we’ll be back!

  34. On October 1, 2011 my husband and I had a 2 for $20 dinner special. Our waiter, Bryon, must exceptionally helpful with our order. As senior citizens, we are compararively light eaters. Rather than order reduced portion meals; we set aside a portion of the regular meals ordered and take it home for next day consumption. Bryon had the kitchen package our set aside portion for take out. This was an extremely pleasant experience.


  36. Applebees is my favorite place for lunch, dinner or just a snack. I go to Applebes in Sagionaw, Michigan. My son and I are always greeted by the hostess or waiter as they know us by sight, they even know what our favorite lunch is.The employees are always ready to smile and help you. This Applebees is number one i m my book. Thank you

    • On 10-11-11, we had another delicious dinner at the Redlands, Ca. Applebees. We thoroughly appreciate the
      friendly, efficient service at this particular Applebees, with smiling waiters opening the doors to greet us & make us feel very special. My husband had his favorite strip steak dinner, excellently prepared,
      & I chose the apple/chicken/walnut salad, (always keeping my diet in mind). We were pleasantly directed to our very favorite waitress’s table, & were greeted
      by Adelma B’s smiling face. She is the best waitress
      anywhere, & we actually followed her to Redlands when
      we learned she had transferred there from Banning. She
      is now Redland’s not so secret treasure, a cheerful
      competent, people friendly person who obviously loves her job. The food was delicious, as always, but I have to admit that Adelma’s charm keeps us coming back. Thanks for such a well run restaurant.

  37. I am part of a group of women who go to our local Applebees for lunch weekly, and are always met by our own special server, Romica B., who is unfailingly courteous, helpful and knowledgable. Today, when I asked for a BLT,not knowing it wasn’t on the menu, she had the kitchen make it for me! Hows that for outstanding service! Winnie Lichtenwalter, Broken Arrow, OK

  38. We visit Applebees at least once a week for the $5.99
    lunch. I enjoy the salad and soup and we always ask
    for our favorite waitress, Micaela. She is so friendly
    and does an outstanding job.

  39. we had an enjoyable lunc at applebees.Julie our waitress was helpful and keep checking back on us. thanks. it was a good day.

  40. I had a great experience at Applebees on Ridge Road in Wichita, KS. The food was excellent and all the people were friendly. Our waitress was all smiles and joked with us which made it more enjoyable and had people stop by asking how our meal was. Was a pleasant evening. Would recommend this place to other people. Thanks

  41. My wife and I had a GREAT experience at Applebees in Port St Lucie, Fl.. The food was excellent and the service was superb.. High on the List of FAVORITE PLACES… Thanks for a GREAT EVENING. WE would RECOMMEND APPLEBEES TO EVERYONE… AGAIN THANKS..

  42. Took my daughter and friend on November 1st to the Appleby’s in Clarksville, IN. Excellent food an our waitress Donna was wonderful and attentive! Always have great food and servers and is one of our favorite places to eat.

  43. visited the Applebees @ 850 Chippewa Towne Centre Dr.
    on Tuesday Nov 1. Food was very good but the service was awesome. Our waitress Melissa was so on the ball. Very attentive and extremely nice.
    The general manager happened to be there and made an
    effort to come to the table and personally talk with us and address an issue about wine glasses. ( They did not have wine glasses for our wine) He came over and explained why there were not any wine glasses available. We were so impressed with that. Both of these employees are assets to Applebees. They along with the good food will be the reasons we return to

  44. My wife and I visited Applebees’s on Kietzke Lane in reno, Nv. Our server was Davi Wallace. He was very courteous, not pushy and listened to and for our needs. We purchased an appetizer, meals 2/for $20.00 and dessert for each of us and coffee to drink. He checked back several times during our meal. He is a Waiter that should be commended and kept on your staff. The meal was very good, presented well and came hot as it should have . Koodoos to your waiter and restruant.. Bruce.

  45. I would like to commend Ryan P.for the great hamburger he made at Applebee’s neighborhood Grill t sunset Drive, Bellingham WA

  46. The food is “great” and so is the “service”. I have been to a few Applebees in Queens, N. Y.; I am always satisfied. Thank you.

  47. I was so impressed with Applebees, first time I have ever ate at one. Food hot and delicious, Service friendly and quick. I have been in many other bar and grills but never had such an amazing experience. For sure I will be going back again & again.Just having moved to Barrie it is so nice to have found a great place to eat out. Thank you Applebees.


  49. I recently joined two other friends for a birthday lunch at our local Applebees. We all commented what a wonderful experience we had there. Our waitress Nikki R made our day very enjoyable and we would go back again.

  50. my waitress tonia johnson of meridian ms. was great, the service friendly, food on time, atmosphere good. she has been on the job three weeks,shes doing great. keep up the good work applebees

  51. I enjoyed my experience a applebees with shemeka..she showed she care as soon as she walked up to the table with a smile on her face.It was my mother 81 first Birthday and she really made my mom feel good..Her and the other employees and also the mang. Melody.. she we be our choice on our next visit…Thank you Miss Shemeka

  52. on feb.12 we went to applebees and head a vary good mela,but the service was one of the best I have eaver had thankyou jeremiah b of council bluffs,IA.

  53. My wife and I had dinner Friday night at1641 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst, NY 14228

    Our server was Lawrence!

    Service was great

    Food was also very good!

    Finding the correct place to answer the correct survey is not an easy task. Still not sure this is the correct way to go!




  55. My mother who is 83 and my grand son who is 5 love applebees, The only place I can take both to eat at the same time and are happy, Applebees has great food for all ages.

  56. We have never had a bad meal at Applebees. The food and service are always great. We can count on Applebees for a good meal every time.

  57. The food at Applebees is excellent. The prices are great and our server Trish was excellent. Our experiences are always good at Applebees.

  58. My husband and I went to Applebees for my birthday on April 26, 2012 and we had a great experience. The waitress Kentella was very nice and had no wait time when seated and attented to all our needs outstandingly.
    The food was great and they also came and sang Happy Birthday to me I really enjoyed the whole experience! Keep up the great work at Applebees with your employees at each of the restaurants. The applebees was located in Radcliff Kentucky.

  59. We spent a most enjoyable Sunday meal at the Applebee’s on Winnetka Avenue in L.A. in the valley. The food was outstanding; the steak was the juiciest I ever had. My friend had a chicken and shrimp dish that was out of this world. Although the mashed potatoes were a little on the cool side, they were quickly replaced with hot, double the size portion. No problem! Desserts were decadent and yummy.
    Service was a 10 out of 10 and Krystal D.our waitress fulfilled all the definition of AWESOME, Congenial, witty, professional, and extremely patient and thoughtful with we two senior citizens. Hope we see her again when we go back there which will be very soon. Great job Applebees.

  60. May 20, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    My friends birthday was on May 20th and we chose Apple bees on state st. in Saginaw, Mi. to have a birthday dinner.
    Our waiter was Donald C..
    He was extremely polite and checked on us several times.
    The food was excellent,along with a friendly atmosphere.
    we were truly pleased and will be back many times more.
    He gave us a survey to fill out on line and we were happy to comply.
    Thanks again to our server Donald C. and for the wonderful food .
    Peg O’Dell

  61. I had a great experience as always in Applebees in Clovis, Ca. Food was excellent. We had our favorite waitress, Lorraine and she gave us great service as she always does. Part of the reason our group goes to Applebees so of is because of workers like Lorraine. We will visit Applebees again soon.

  62. May 28, 2012 I ate at AppleBee’s on Concord Mills Blvd, in Concord, NC. I had the 7 oz sirloin for which I was unable to eat all of the steak due to part of it being overcooked. Ashley the waitress offered to have another steak cooked or to get me another meal but I had gotten full on the sides and the meat I ate. She provided me with a desert the Blondie, which was delicious. The manager came to my table and spoke with me to let me know he had taken off the charge for the 7 oz sirloin on my bill even though I offered to pay he said that because I could not eat the entire steak due to being overcooked he would make an adjustment. I have been to many restaurants and unable to eat the entire meal due to various reasons but the manager has never offered to take off the entire price of the meal only a portion of the meal since I ate the sides. I would highly recommend this Applebees’ and the waitress, Ashley provided excellent service. I will visit this one again.

  63. My wifw and I frequently go to applebees for dinner every other week our server carlos and staff excellent ser # ******** 5/30/12 7;40 pm manager very efficent ran a top resturant I will recommend applebees anytime to my friends for great service.

  64. 5~ 30~ 12
    I went to Applebees in Murietta for lunch with two other guests.
    Nichol P. Was our server. She was very friendly & polity.
    She did a super fantastic job & I will ask for her services

    • I eat at Aplebees in Lake Worth Texas,2 or 3 times per week.My server today was Danielle W.,superburb service as always from her,do not know what is better the freindly service or hee beautiful smile.She is always a pleasure to see when I have lunch,she is a asset to them.She is one of the reasons I continue to go back.


  65. Danielle is a sweetheart and a asset to Applebees,please tell Tom the Bar manager and Matt the managing director this.Have never had poor service from her as long as I have been going there for lunch.

  66. My husband and I ate at Applebees and it was a good.Our waitress was Kylee was very friendly and very good .

  67. My wife and I eat at Applebees pretty regular and have always found the food and service outstanding and if this were not true, why would we keep going back?

  68. My husband and I recently visited the Applebees in Staten Island New Dorp. We found that the food was excellent and the service as well. We would like to word our appreciation for having an Applebees near us and we intend to visit frequently. Thankyou so much Mr. & Mrs. Paterno

  69. We went to Applebees in Ukiah, Calif. and we both had the Shrimp and Steak. And for the 3rd time it was way over cooked and the top with the Shrimp and cheeses was like a pancake. It was like the cook put a cheese and shrimp pancake on top. The rest was good and service by Kevin S. was good too. I miss the old Applebees with all the 50’s things and 49ers on the walls.

  70. My husband and I visited Applebees inAshtabula Ohio. The food was great and the service exceptional. Our waitress Lauren went above and beyond to make our dining experience enjoyable.She is a fantastic waitress. I can not wait to go back for more good food and we will request Lauren when we go. Thakyou so much Don & Vicki Furman

  71. Three of us women went to Applebees yesterday for lunch and had a really good time. Our waiter, Matt D. was very attentive and polite and provided very good service. The food was wonderful but the service was the best!!!!
    Thanks, Karyn

  72. My husband & I went to Applebees in Greenville today, The foodv was great,our waitress was great. We didn’t have to wait along time and she was right there even befor we had a chance to ask, she was checking all the time to make surewe didn’t need anything. She was also friendly. We will be back and request her. Her name is Amt R.

  73. This evening (July 14th., 2012) my husband and I enjoyed a lovely meal st Applebee’s in Courtenay B.C. Our waitress Amanda was so prompt and friendly. I watched her as we waited for our meal and was amazed how well she handled the large crowd. The restrant was packed, and she
    did such a great job of serving all her customers, not getting flustered, and always having nice coments for everyone she delt with. They are lucky to have her. Keep up the great work Amanda!

  74. Amanda C was our server at Applebee’s in Columbia TN on 8/04/12.Best experience we’ve had eating out in a while.The food was plentiful & good & service was great.

  75. On 08/05/12 Order 2 Steak Dinners they Where The Best Steaks we Have Cooked Good Just How We Like them Every thing was Great We Love AppleBees We Had Are Order To Go He Was Great

  76. Today Aug. 07, a friend and I after shopping stopped into Applebee’s on Kingston RD in Ajax where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.Our waitress Natalie gave us superb service. We will make it a weekly outting although it’s a bit of a drive. You were a sliver off sunshine Natalie, again we than you! Ina Mainguy

  77. receipt serial number 119433562

    I want to take a few moments and express my gratitude to Applebees for the generous gift they give to our Veterans each year. This year I,as a veteran, went and took my oldest son with me to the Applebees in Bend Oregon. Our server Dustey was very pleasant and personable. I noticed how She thanked every Veteran for their service. Even though the Reataurant was continually packed to capacity, Dustey made each Veteran feel as if She was there to only serve them. This is one of the many times I have visited this REstaurant, and I plan to have many more visits in the future.

  78. I wish to commend Michelle Bloom for being an excellent General Manager at Applebee’s in Kendallville, IN. It makes me proud to be a hostess here, knowing that we all work together as a team to make sure that our guests are made to feel “special” to us. They return on a regular basis because they not only enjoy the food, but they appreicate the service. Michelle has her eye on everything. She handles the needs of her guest’s, staff, and her boss’. This is done efficiently. Her expectations are not to be compromised, but she presents a friendly, caring manner with a sense of humor. So when do I get my raise?

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