Customer feedback survey sweepstakes

Customer feedback survey sweepstakes have over recent years proved very efficient in the optimization of internet services. Most websites like to conduct online customer feedback survey. These customer feedback surveys are the company / website’s way of finding out the opinions of their customers and subscribers about their products or services. However, many people who visit these websites do not usually like to provide such feedback to the owners of the website. Sometimes the amount of feedback received is not enough to be used in making any meaningful analysis. The website owners or developers are then faced with the need to come up with alternative innovative ways of making the visitors to their site provide them with such important feedback.

One such innovative solution is the introduction and the integration of customer feedback survey sweepstakes in these websites. This simply means that the customer feedback survey forms are used as entries to an online sweepstake. By completing correctly and submitting the forms, the site users are automatically registered or enrolled into the sweepstake. After some period which is set in advance, the winners of the sweepstake are then selected from among these entries. The winner is selected at random and winning is therefore based on pure luck. The visitors end up being provided with the extra motivation or push that makes them complete the customer feedback survey forms in the hope of emerging winners of the survey. For the website, this tool is double edged as it serves to satisfy to of their objectives at the same time. First, it ensures that the visitors to the site get to complete the feedback forms and hence provide them with the information that they need and secondly, it boosts up the amount of traffic that the website receives as more people visit it to try and win the sweepstake. Very often, any user of the site is allowed to submit only one entry per session and those wishing for more entries have to visit several times, resulting in more hits.

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