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www.drpepper.com – Dr Pepper EA Games Every Bottle or Cup Wins. Those “Look under the cap win games” seem to have existed since the beginning of Carbonated drink flavored. Just remember when you were younger how much you were eager to look under the cap and see if you had won a prize. Now with the era of Internet and Social Network it’s easier to redeem you code for prizes. Dr Pepper and Seven Up, Inc. are sponsoring this new marketing sweepstakes promotion where you could win a lot of great EA Games prizes. Now visit www.drpepper.com and enter Dr Pepper’s 2011 EA Games Every Bottle and Cup Wins Sweepstakes for your chance to win downloadable content for some of EA Games’ most reknown games. You will be happy to learn that every game code wins. Try it! Like I suggest every time you may take a look  at the sweepstakes rules before entering any sweepstakes- www dr pepper com official rules.

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Rules: http://www.drpepper.com/promotions/ea/rules/

Entry: http://www.drpepper.com/promotions/ea/

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